And Girls, They Wanna Have Fun.

It is 10.30 pm, and Girls' Night is poised to begin. I am at my older cousin Jennifer's house in Queens (which also happens to be the very house I grew up in) with her and my longtime friend, Michelle. We just literally returned from a LOL-tastic grocery shopping venture:

The Essentials:

1 pack of Smirnoff Ice (which I think is quite the lulz)
1 pack Oreo cakesters
" Chips Ahoy
" Twix
" Caramel dip (for fruit)
" cupcakes
2 bags Blue Chips
2 Jars of dip (salsa and nacho cheese, natch)
1 Red Velvet Cake (pour moi, but of course)
3 bags of various fruit (lemons, clementines, grapes, etc.)
3 copies of trashy magazines (again, lulzzz)
3 cartons of ice cream (vanilla Dibs and Butter Pecan)
3 movies rented (Three Times, Pet Semetary and Joy Luck Club)

...and so much more. Funniest quote of the night?

Jen: Jess, we got so much food! You better enjoy this night, 'cause we all may very well be dead after all this.

I LOVE IT. Don't be surprised if you see some live drunk posts updates later...