Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Strings, These are a Few of My Favorite Things


Despite my still recovering health (I'm still feeling a little nauseated), I know I promised you guys a Post-Nondenominational Holiday Blog Extravaganza, and a Post-Nondenominational Holiday Blog Extravaganza is what you shall get! Like they say: it is better to give than to receive.
However, when you do receive, it sure is nice. (insert cheeky grin here)
The holidays technically started with the Olivetree Review's party last week (December the 18th); then, on Christmas Eve my cousin had a dinner with some family and friends from Church; on Christmas Day we had a late afternoon Lunch-Into-Dinner party with the whoooole family. And oh boy, was it fun. (That last sentence may or may not be sarcasm-laced.)
The Highlights:
-Playing games with the fam. One of my favorites was this so-called icebreaker game where we had a list of things one can do/possess, such as "is a lefty" (that'd be me, natch), "can name all J. Lo albums or movies" (this could also be applied to me, sadly enough) – you get the idea. We were to go around asking people which applied to them, and if so, write their names next to the listed item. The person with the most names wins, natch. Unfortunately for me, I did not win (I got a total of 9 names)…perhaps 'twas bad karma, as I had gone up to one of my uncles and jokingly asked him (referring to the list, of course) if he lived in a nursing home.
…Obviously, he didn't.
Another game we played, aptly called "Left-Right" involved everyone sitting in a circle, each with a game in hand. A person (who happened to be my sports-loving cousin, Art) in the center would tell a story in which he'd mention the words either "left" or "right", not necessarily using them in their descriptions of direction. Every time we hear these words uttered, we in the circle are to pass the gifts either left or right.
Art, clever as he is, decides to use a Manny Pacqiao/Oscar De La Hoya-themed story, using phrases like: "He used his left jab, then made a right. His coach asked him, 'Are you all right,' Manny?' It seemed like he had nothing left!"
-Hanging out with my wonderfully crazy cousins. My cousins are hilarious. We went into the living room while everyone in the family room/den was singing Christmas carols (in Filipino accents, wut wut) and decided to play a little Apples to Apples, which, if played with my semi-alcohol buzzed older cousins, can be hecka funny. Another interesting moment was when one of my cousins, J.R. – who knew that I'd just turned 21 – had offered to make me a Jack and coke. However, as he was making this, I got distracted , heading into the den when the other cousins started playing Rock Band. Now, when my cousins and I play Rock Band during the many parties they have, I always seem to be the default lead singer. So, I ended up singing (I sang "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and did my signature Karen O., natch) and J.R.'s sister Veronica ended up drinking the Jack and coke.
-Getting gifts!

Mmkay, ya'll. Here's the loot:
1 candle (from one of our gift-giving games, haha)
1 chain-link purse, complete with a pocket that looks like a change purse, squee! (those who know me know how much affection I hold for change purses)
2 pairs of Converse Chucks (one pair of Converse-logo'd low-tops, and one pair of baby blue high-tops)
1 towel, pack of soap and Wet Ones (haha..again, from one of the gift-giving games.)

Of course, it's totally not about the gifts – it's about the time you spend with family, and I had a great time. Hope you and yours had an awesome holiday, whatever you celebrate. Oh, and I promise you -- I'll do a vlog either tonight or tomorrow, so keep a lookout for it, plus maybe some pictures of me in my awesome holiday dress.

In the meantime, while Christmas may be over, but here's the [title of show] show to help extend the holiday goodness and tide you over 'til my pretty face shall grace your screens in a vlog: