The Madness Ensues, or: I Can Haz Birfdai?

So, alas -- no live blogs last night, as I'd promised. Suffice it to say, the night was great; started off with a bit of Sex and the City before Christine arrived, then girl talk at dinner (we had a wonderful Thai meal), and then proceeded to watch Pet Semetary after setting up the 90487568347098 bags of junk food we bought last night.

(The movie itself was quite the lulz -- best line ever: "FUCK OFF, HAIRBALL!")

After Semetary was Joy Luck Club, which was such a tearjerker. My gods, their lives were so uber-dramatic! All of us were like, "Man, my life seems much less horrible compared to that!" Totes brought things to perspective. (insert vigorous nods here)

Today, my family (unbeknownst to me, natch) threw me a "Suprise Brunch" in my honour, and I was surprised (as well as touched) that everyone had made it. Well, almost everyone -- there were still a couple of people I wished were there, but nevertheless, I was in good company.

I just opened my presents, and here's what I received so far:

1 iPod Nano (in pink, like, le duh)
1 framed Tazmanian Devil poster thingy (lulz)
2 books (Twilight, natch -- and this other one about the Chinese Revolution)
a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card (these people know me all too well. ♥!)

That doesn't seem like a lot, but remember -- my real birthday's not 'til tomorrow...

Hopin' you're all havin' a great weekend ('cause I sure am!),