#QuoteOfTheMoment: Caryl Churchill's MAD FOREST

IANOS. He died and went to heaven and St Peter says, God wants to have a word with you. So, he goes in to see God and God says, 'I hear you think you're greater than me.' And he says, 'Yes, I am.' And God says, 'Right, who made the sun?' 'You did.' 'Who made the stars?' 'You did.' 'Who made the earth?' 'You did.' 'Who made all the people and the animals and all the trees and all the / plants and --

RADU. And all the wine.

IANOS. And everything?' And he said, 'You did, God.' And God says, 'Then how can you possibly be greater than me?' And he says, 'All these things, what did you make them from?' And God said, 'Chaos, I made it all out of Chaos.' 'There you are,' he said. 'I made chaos.'


British playwright
from her play"Mad Forest"