Turn Around, Bright Eyes.

...every now and then I fall apaaaart!

The Fashionably Late Birthday Kareoke Extravaganza on Friday was nothing short of awesome. Here is some evidence (with requisite witty captions, natch) of the madness that is the Olivetree Crew's love for this popular pasttime:

Apparently, you know it's not officially a party with me making my "Game On" face, as you see here. I've made the same exact pose at 4589729 other parties this year...well, okay, just the Halloween party, but still. Yeah.

Victoria & I showin' off our bling. *ping!*

The real truth is this: The Spice Girls you all had come to know were actually corporate clones thrown in to lip-sync and replace us, the actual Spice Girls. I know, there are four of us, but that's 'cause by the time market research had decided girls with British accents were the way to go, they also decided to add Ginger Spice. Yerrr.

We sang The Britney Spears. Because, like, you know it has to be done. There is also documentation of us doing The Christina Aguilera ("Genie in a Bottle"), but for the protection of the guilty, I decided not to post them here.

Watch as I go from head voice to chest voice, to power beltin'! Who says that one vocal consultation I had last year wasn't helpful -- even if I did sing with my face to the wall and my eyes closed?

Me re-enacting said vocal consultation. Already a pro, ain't I?

Of course, being the theatre dork I am, I enthusiastically agreed to sing along when Victoria, I think it was, suggested we sing "Summer Lovin'" from Grease for our big finale. All the girls sang Sandy's part, and the boys for Danny's part. When that happens, expect hilarity to ensue.
Other songs included were: "Total Exclipse of the Heart", "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "Tearin' up my Heart", "As Long as You Love Me", "Lollipop," "Barbie Girl", "Take on Me", "Paper Planes", "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and more. (I'll leave you to guess which one doesn't belong with the others on that list.) Despite our obvious love for 90s pop, there was surprisingly a lot of current songs on there. There was, like, 4985093 pages devoted to Miley Cyrus, haha.
Thanks to all those who came out and lost both what was left of the dignity, as well as their wallets!