We are Intrepid; we carry on.

So I finally got out of my e-coma and went into civilation the past few days. Had lunch with Sal on Wednesday, then yesterday went with my best friend (who's in town from Florida) and finally met her boyfriend. We ended up going to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, so that was fun.

Tonight is the night (is the night of love? haha, Zoraida!) of the "Fashionably Late Birthday" kareoke party that I'm having with my friends Melissa and Thesanica -- it's at Duet 48, and poised to be an awesome time. For those of you in the area with some cash to burn and dignity to be shattered, come out and say hi!

Also, I'd like to take some time out now and urge all you bloggers to join the 20Something Bloggers community and take part in voting for me -- polls are open now!

That said, keep on the look out for future updates -- I know I keep saying this, but I promise I shall properly get back into dorkage mode and post some belated thoughts on theatre stuff! In the meantime, I leave you with this: