frozen things, they all unfreeze.

Photo by Lulu Dong

Hey bloggers (and bloggettes!) --

So, as you know, I went on a month-long hiatus. Unfortunately, this is what school -- and the most stressful semester ever -- will do to you. During this break, I've been contemplating whether or not I should continue this blog; as of late, I feel like I haven't been as "into" it as before, especially after all those shows closed back in January. (insert sadface here)

After a lot of soul-searching walks in the city (well, okay, not really), however, I've decided to continue. This will be challenging, though, as I'm not quite sure how to take this blog a step up and make it better for you readers.

Which is where you (yes, you!) come in.

I'd like some feedback on what you'd like to see more of on here. More reviews? More vlogs? More personal posts? More posts on my arts experience? More random stuff?

Leave comments below on your thoughts, and hopefully I'll come back with a blog that'll be tailored and better-suited to your everyday Resident Artist intake!

'Til then,