#QuoteOfTheMoment: Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen's THE EXONERATED

DELBERT. Mahatma Gandhi said that once he discovered who God was, all fears left him regarding the rest of the world, you know, and it's true, you know. If you're not harboring any kind of malice, any kind of stuff like that in your heart, there really ain't too much to be afraid of.

And I understand why people are afraid, I mean, I do think the world itself, if you think about it, can be quite frightening -- (Pause.) I mean just like getting up every day, you know, I understand.

But you can't give in to that. 'Cause as they say in the cowboy pictures, nobody's gonna live forever, you know what I'm sayin'? And if you have to go, then you might as well go being about the highest thing that you can be about. And that means learning not to fear other people, man, on a human level, white or black or whatever.


From their play, "The Exonerated"