#DaysOfInspiration | The Pulchritude of Fosse

So, ever since I saw Nine a few weeks ago and being reminded of Bob Fosse’s work and what he could have done with the film had he directed it instead of Rob Marshall (read my review here), I’ve been on a Fosse kick (pun intended): listening to my 1998 New Broadway Cast recording of Cabaret  and watching old clips from All That Jazz. Here are some of my faves that I can’t stop watching, and might as well share while I’m still obsessing:

and, because the choreography is just TOO AMAZING not to:

Sandahl Bergman, the principal dancer in the latter clip, pretty much knocks it out of the park, for me. And gotta love  Ann Reinking (in the first clip)! It all makes me want to take dance class again…
To continue the Fosse love, here's my review of the Chicago revival, back when I saw it in 2006!