#CharacterStudy: L'edition Femme Fatale (Vesper Lynd)

femme fatale (pronounced /ˌfɛm fəˈtæl/ or /ˌfɛm fəˈtɑːl/; French: [fam faˈtal], with all [a]‘s) is an alluring and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. She is an archetype or stock character of literature and art. Her ability to entrance and hypnotize her male victim was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural, hence the most prosaic femme fatale today is still described as having a power akin to an enchantress, vampire, female monster or demon. (via Wikipedia)
Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a complete sucker for the Femme Fatale. More seductive and cunning than the typical heroine, I tend to lean towards the femme characters portrayed in films not only because of the aforementioned traits she possesses, but also because she always has the most (literally) To-Die-For wardrobe.
Which had me thinking: what would the discerning femme fatale wear in the year 2010?
In this inaugural edition of Character Study, I explore just that with one of my favorite icons of femme: Vesper Lynd of Ian Fleming‘s Casino Royale (as portrayed by Eva Green in the 2006 film adaptation).  Having just recently seen the film (yes, quite late, I know), I became enamored with the eye-candy pairing of Lynd and Bond — that, along with the fact that Vesper was the only girl he ever truly loved, fascinated me. Not to mention the obvious fact that French actress Eva Green played off Daniel Craig‘s Bond very well and looked stunning in every shot in Martin Campbell’s remake!

According to Wikipedia:
Vesper Lynd is a fictional character of Ian Fleming‘s James Bond novel Casino Royale. It has been claimed that Fleming based Lynd on Christine Granville/Krystyna Skarbek.[1] In the 1967 film of Casino Royale she is played by Ursula Andress. In the2006 film of the same name she is played by Eva Green. 
Vesper is Bond’s first romantic interest as presented in Fleming’s original novels (although later prequel works by Charlie Higson would present other candidates). Other than Bond’s future wife Tracy, she is the only woman in the series to whom Bond proposes. 
Vesper Lynd is a pun on West Berlin. Like her namesake, the Cold War-era city of Berlin, Vesper’s loyalties are split down the middle. In the novel, the character explains that she was born on a “dark and stormy” night, and her parents named her “Vesper” after the Latin word meaning evening (see vespers) to commemorate the night.
So, anyway, here’re some things I thought — had she lived, of course — Vesper would have totally rocked in 2010:
Items, clockwise from left:
  1. Chanel Nail Polish in Vendetta
  2. Monique Lhuillier Dress, Spring 2010 Collection
  3. Algerian Love Knot
  4. Lanvin Pointy-toed stilettos with python and mongolian fur
  5. M.A.C. Eyeliner Gel in Fluidline