#DaysOfInspiration/#CuriousTuesday (or Wednesday): Paris...When It Sizzles

Author's Note: This post was a response post to a series blogger Gala Darling used to do called "Curious Tuesday," wherein she would ask her readers fun, interactive questions.  What follows was truly one of the most fun I'd ever had blogging -- or answering a question, at that -- and served as a preface to the "Femme Fatale" post later featured in my #CharacterStudy series. 

My Answer: 

I’d jetset all over the world as an International Woman of Mystery; a woman shrouded in layers of intrigue and even more layers of designer clothes and jewelry. I’d have multiple homes in Paris, London, Vienna & Ibiza, all of which would be decorated lavishly with chandeliers, jacquiard wallpaper, crown molding & Louis XVI-era furniture. Sweeping Staircases. Baby Grand Piano. Bathtubs full of money. A modern Marie-Antoinette, with a twist.

My inspiration(s): 

The 1963 film, Paris When It Sizzles — starring Audrey Hepburn (mais bien sur!) & William Holden. The film itself doesn’t particularly have to do with thieves at all — it’s about a secretary who helps a film writer finish his script for the next big studio thriller — but the story within the story does. Or, at least, part of it!

This edition of Curious Tuesday couldn’t have come up at a better time, as I happen to have a series of Character Study posts on the Femme Fatale coming up! I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m currently reading this, or the other fact that the new remake of La Femme: Nikita (the new title being Nikita, naturally) starring Maggie Q is premiering on The CW tomorrow night, but I’m now inspired to get the Femme posts out of my drafts queue! Whee!