♥ No One Belongs Here More Than You.


So, some of you are probably wondering what I'm doing here.  After all, I deleted my blog just this December after four years of theatre reviews, rants and raves.  I became somewhat of a fixture in the theatrosphere.  So why the sudden end to it, and why come back now? 

The reason was this: time.  I simply had no more time.  Seems like a cop-out, I know, but between school and other personal stuff going on, I felt overwhelmed and suddenly, the obligation of having to update every week seemed to hang over me.  Furthermore, I had been losing touch with the goings-on in theatre the past few months, which affected the quality of the content I was posting.  Put simply: it didn't feel like it was "mine" anymore.

So I deleted the blog, which formerly called Blogger home and had since moved to Wordpress.  

(Now I'm back at Blogger and I can't be any happier with my decision.  As much as I loved Wordpress, I was not happy with the overall presentation of the blog, in terms of themes and such.  I'd wanted a professional look, but one that did not compromise any personalization I'd put into it.  In the end, though Wordpress has many awesome features, it was more limiting for me than anything.)  
I can't explain at the moment why I feel the sudden urge to now get back into the blogosphere.  Perhaps it's the liberating feeling of being able to start from scratch again.  For a while, I had pondered the direction I had been going with the blog, and as The Resident Artist, in general.  It's about time for a fresh start, and what better time than the week of a new semester?

Hope you guys come along for a ride -- I have a feeling there'll be a lot in store.  

Until then,