♥ Words, words, words.


This past semester, The Olivetree Review started doing writing prompts among editors and those who followed us online.  I also participated, and found my creative juices flowing.  Since the pages feature on Blogger doesn't allow for pages within pages as far as I know (yet another drawback to Blogger), I thought I'd just post some of my favorites every so often.  This one, "spare bedroom," happens to be one of my favorites that I've written.  Hope you enjoy.


I wish we had a spare bedroom
so I could escape in it
make it my sanctuary and place my books on a shelf
like a shrine.
Flipping through the written word
by the hazy dimness of a floor lamp
its soft glow emanating, first
orange, then
yellow and
red light (green light, 1 2 3)
Oh the places I'd go!
just looking out my window
a state of bliss:
n i r v a n a
my mind goes blank and I see
a waking dream
flickering/my eyes open
only to reveal the Living Room
where I sleep but never seem to do any "living"
And I can't go on living
in this

My mother speaks in her sleep
to her own mother
not living
but dead
Her words are not lucid like my dreams
but in a jumble
keeping me awake at night
tossing and turning
until the sun rises
and the only thing I am left with
as slumber slowly creeps its way back in
is the thought
when I wake
this room
will still have 
no room