#SOUND | Lauren Pritchard (LOLO)

Some of you already know of my obsession with former Spring Awakening cast member, Lauren Pritchard.  For the unfamiliar, she's an artist currently making waves in the UK with her debut album, Wasted in Jackson (copies of which will physically be available in the US on the 22nd of this month and is currently available on iTunes).  Born in Jackson, Tennessee, her album is about her journey from her hometown to LA, where she faced heartbreak; then to NYC and her involvement with SA; and finally ending in London, England, which she now calls home.

Her music has pretty much been on heavy rotation on my playlist since the summer, and I personally think that if I had gone the musician route, my sound would be very similar to hers.  Not only does she reek of pure talent --with whiskey-soaked, soulful vocals -- but girl is gorgeous and knows how to dress.  She's unique in every way, and doesn't apologize for it, and that's certainly counts as inspiration.

If you don't believe me, here're a couple of videos to convince you:

"When the Night Kills the Day"
Her first official single.  Visually, I think this is the video that fully encapsulates the type of artist she is, so I guess it's befitting that she released this first.  Musically, the song is a good introduction to her vocal abilities, as she ranges from a deep, smoky register to a smooth, high vibrato throughout.  It also lays out the general theme of the album, sonically -- as well as lyrically.  Lots of soaring percussion, tinged with piano, help tell the tale of her trek from New York and her post-Spring Awakening life to her new one in London.  The fears of not knowing who to trust in a strange city, yet not "questioning fate," represent the Night in the title, overtaking  the calm and clarity of the Day.

Her second single, which became a radio hit in the UK.  Again, lots of percussion, with a bit of a more soulful sound this time.  With the release of this song, we start to slowly head into the typical Lauren Pritchard sound, which some have described as the "new Dusty Springfield."

"Not the Drinking"
Her current single, this is Lauren at her best.  With the inclusion of brass, as well as a dance-y beat, "Not the Drinking" was my summer anthem.  Probably rightly so, as the song tells of a bad relationship in which the worst vice you could commit was not the usual things like drinking or drugs, but the feeling of not being in love anymore and knowing you have to get out of it.  This concept is wildly juxtaposed against a feel-good melody, creating a memorable tune that's great to sing along to.

"Stuck" (acoustic performance)
Her new single, which -- along with its video -- is to be released in the coming weeks, perfectly in conjunction with Valentine's Day.  The oldest song in her repertoire, the album version has a chilled out feel to it while retaining much of Lauren's signature percussive sound.  This particular video, which is an acoustic version she taped sometime last spring, is what made me fall in love with her all over again, two years after Spring Awakening.  As much as I had already loved her, this video displays the passion she evokes in her singing, which is intoxicating and reminded me of just how talented she was.  Even the man standing sentry by the piano shop doors couldn't help but listen!

For more info on Lauren and her music, you can go to her official website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.