♥ Kerrigan/Lowdermilk's "Our First Mistake" and YOU MADE THIS TOUR concert videos


Those who've read my blog over the years (or know me personally) pretty much know how devoted I am to Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk's music.  The composing duo, who've had one show already produced Off-Broadway (Henry and Mudge), have always had a great relationship with their fans, thanks to their YouTube channel, which has gotten over a million hits.  They recently put that relationship to the test as released their first album, Our First Mistake, with the help of donations from their fans via Kickstarter.

As a "thank you" to the aforementioned fans that made the production of their album, they decided to go on tour with a series of concerts called, well, YOU MADE THIS TOUR.  The concerts, as well as the album, features fan favorites from Kerrigan-Lowdermilk's various shows and projects such as The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown and the ever-popular song cycle Tales from the Bad Years. For YOU MADE THIS TOUR (as well as their CD release party), the duo enlisted help from their friends in the musical theater world -- those featured on the album as well as those who aren't.

Here are some notable performances (some of which aren't necessarily my favorites, but include some interesting performers):

"Say the Word" - Laura Osnes (Grease)

I LOVE THIS GIRL.  She never fails to not only sing a song out of the park, but also get to the emotional essence of it.  I've always said that she has a very Disney Princess voice, which is probably my favorite thing about her performances -- there's always an air of nostalgia I get whenever I hear her sing.

"Not a Love Story" - Anthony Rapp (RENT, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown)
First of all: Holy Crapola on a stick, it's ANTHONY RAPP!  Secondly: a male perspective on "Not a Love Story"?  Iiiiiinteresting.  I like the arrangement and different take on the song, but I wish it would have been on piano, instead -- NaLS is one of those songs that has a very delicate melody, and to me, requires a "quiet" performance.  It's also normally sung by someone in their twenties, given that it's from the Bad Years songbook, but Rapp being older and singing this brings out something new to the song.  It's as if he's looking back on the memory of this, not in its resulting aftermath, but years later, when he's older and wiser.

Nice going, Mark Cohen Mr. Rapp!

"Two Strangers" - Carrie Manolakos (Mamma Mia!)
Man, this girl can sing.  I hadn't heard of Ms. Manolakos, admittedly, before this performance, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  But she blew this song into oblivion, and in a good way!  "Two Strangers" is one of my favorite songs, so I'm highly critical of any and all renditions of it (Caissie Levy & Co's version still stands as my favorite, setting the bar pretty high for all subsequent versions), but I have to say, this one is pretty good!

(Also, note: this performance is from the Our First Mistake release party.)

"Run Away with Me" - The Spring Standards featuring Jesse Ruben & Matt Doyle (w/ Kait Kerrigan)
It seems like this song and The Spring Standards are a match made in heaven.  I can't get enough of their version -- it's such a departure from the Michael Arden version, and fits so nicely with their style.  Not to mention, their harmonies are beautiful here -- and I don't use that word lightly, so that's definitely a compliment!

For those curious about Our First Mistake, buy it on iTunes -- or read my Super Awesome Broadway Ninja friends' review of it beforehand! If you're interested, Kerrigan-Lowdermilk is having their last concert at Le Poisson Rouge on Sunday, March 27th.  Go here for more info!