#LinkLove: Theater Tweeps Edition (3.23.11)

A quick photo I managed to snap during the event of the posterboard that greeted many of the Theater Tweeps as we entered the Public's lobby.

This past Saturday (March 19th, 2011), The Public Theater -- in conjunction with The America Theatre Wing and 2am Theatre -- hosted a Theater Tweet-up event.  The idea behind the event, which lasted for a little over an hour and a half, was to make social media truly social, and finding a way to, as Howard Sherman put it"connect in an analog world," as opposed to a digital one .  

Needless to say, it was a success (kudos to the event organizers!) and I had so much participating in it and being in a room packed with over 50 other people who love theater as much as I do. 

That said, here are some links to some of the wonderful theater tweeps I met...

  • People are still tweeting about the #TheaterTweetup!  Some cool tweeps to start your own theater "tweetroll": The Public Theater (@PublicTheaterNY), The American Theatre Wing (@TheWing), 2am Theatre (@2amt), Howard Sherman (@HESherman), Nella Vera (@spinstripes), David Loehr (@dloehr
  • The first person I met was Ralph Lewis, co-artistic director of Peculiar Works Project, a company that deals with site-specific and experimental theatre.  Lewis stated that they don't have a Twitter account -- so for more info on what they're about, click the link above...
  • I also spotted Ran Xenia (@Rhinoriddler) and struck conversation with her about Raul Esparza, the Spiderman musical, and student life.  She is an avid theatregoer, who hails from New Jersey and "reviews" shows through artwork
  • Practicing the "buddy system" while navigating the chitter-chattering crowd, Ran and I met two others who seemed to be doing the same thing we were -- Guy Yedwab (of Culture Future & @Organsofstate/@indymill) and Ben Lundberg (@TheOrangeHats).  They both work together on Organs of State, their independent theater company (as Artistic Director and Managing Director, respectively).  Lundberg's project, The Orange Hats, archives audience responses from various performance arts events/shows, so check it out!
  • We also met with @redferntheatre, a theatre company which specializes in "spreading social awareness and outreach" through their works, associating each production with a philanthropic organization.  Their next production, A Shot Away, starts previews on March 31st at 8pm and officially opens on April 2nd at 8pm.  Find out more about what they do here.

To readers: hope you enjoy and follow the works of these people -- they are among many who are doing fantastic things for the theatre right now!  To those mentioned in this post: it was so great to meet you all!