#Character Study: How to Look like a Princess, Marie Antoinette-Style, or: Yeah, I'm Still Obsessing Over Princesses.

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Character Study
Royally Obsessed 

Those that know me personally would know that one of my many obsessions is Revolution-era France.  This, combined with my love of the Royal Court (as stated in the previous entry) makes it no surprise that one of my favorite historical figures would be the ill-fated Marie-Antoinette, the Austrian Hapsburg that married into the French Bourbons and became swept up in the lavish decadence that was Versailles.  Sofia Coppola's 2006 pop-art and New Wave-inspired film of the same name was a huge factor in furthering the obsession (Les Miserables didn't help, either -- but that's a whole 'nother story!), and soon I found myself falling in love with her tragic downfall.  

Coppola's film has always been an inspiration point for me, as it is one of her most aesthetically-pleasing works and represents quintessential girly style, while mixing it with rock 'n roll.  I always thought those Rococo-era courtiers knew how to edge it up and rock out, a la Adam Ant -- I mean, wearing huge powdered white wigs and crazy hooped skirts despite the fact that the country is on the cusp of a revolution?  What's more rock 'n roll than that?  That said, Marie Antoinette (or "Antoine" as she was called back home in Austria) had the ultimate style as the Dauphine of France.

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Marie-Antoinette was known for her big coiffed wigs, and even bigger debts.  She was the Queen of Debauchery, and no one did it bigger and better quite like her.  Her look in the film reflected this particular essence of one of the world's most controversial monarchs, while still retaining her teenage sense of style.  She was, after all, only 14 when she wed Louis XVII, and this is certainly reflected in the bright colors that served as the overall palette of her dress.  She was known for adorning her hair with various accoutrements: flowers, feathers and most famously, a replica of a sailing ship!

Oh, make me over!

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