#DaysOfInspiration: The Royal Wedding Edition!

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Those who have read my blog over the years will be familiar with the #DaysOfInspiration column -- entries that list things I am obsessing over at the moment, whether they are pieces of theatre, film or television, or even current events.  For this incarnation of the blog, I've decided to revive the column, as it was one of my more popular features.  

Hope you enjoy this first effort, and come back for more every month!  

When I was growing up, like all girls, I went through a Princess phase. Having been bred on Disney films from Day One, I loved the idea of a Cinderella story: a young, hardworking lower-class girl who finally gets her due -- and her Prince Charming.  This obsession with royalty grew even more when The Princess Diaries book series were published.  I soaked up Meg Cabot's books about protagonist Mia Thermopolis' adventures, a girl who lived a normal teenage life in New York City until she finds out, at 14, that she has been a princess to a small European municipality the whole time.  It is indeed every young girl's fantasy, and I even entertained fancies about whether I really was the daughter of some would-be king of a far-off land instead of the daughter of a nurse in Queens, New York.  

Hey, you never know, right?!

As I grew older I learnt, of course, that such things were only the stuff of fairy tales and girlish whimsy.  This, however, doesn't mean I stopped myself from enjoying them.  Even as I grew out of young adult novels, I still read about kings and queens like Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette, while films such as Pride and Prejudice and The Prince and Me also kept me satisfied, until the day when my own prince would come (or so I told myself, anyway). 

While it seemed unlikely that I would somehow meet a prince in disguise while attending college or find my very own Mr. Darcy, a fairy tale of another sort started to emerge onto the public sphere and capture my imagination, as well as others' around the world.  That fairy tale, of course, was the romance of Prince William & Kate Middleton, now known as the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

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Yesterday morning, on April 29th, 2011, their fairy tale romance entered a new chapter, as the two wed in front of billions at Westminster Abbey in London, England.  Like everyone else, I was glued to the television (there was not one channel that didn't fixate their broadcasts on the occasion) as William Arthur Philip Louis and Catherine Elizabeth said their vows.  It was the perfect wedding, and despite its grandiosity, it felt rather intimate as we witnessed two people proclaiming their love to one another in the most simplest way.  

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As with most things I am often obsessed with, I decided to make a mix.  Yes, a mix.  (You can stop judging me from across the internet now.)  I'm still in a somewhat celebratory mood, and since I can't physically be there for the party, I thought I should make a party of my own, fanmix-style.  So here it is!

A William/Kate Mix.


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Congratulations, William & Kate!


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