♥ "Jess" Brel is alive and well...

Sorry I've been MIA, all.  Been quite busy, as we're reaching the home stretch at school.  This doesn't mean I've forgotten you, dear readers!

Here are some things I'm currently working on:

  • Blog merge.  I'm currently looking to merge some old feeds from the previous Resident Artist blog onto this one, so that all my reviews can be aggregated into the Portfolio page.  Look out for updates within the coming weeks.
  • Review edits.  I am currently drafting a second, more expanded version of my review of Red Fern's "A Shot Away" for The Hunter Bridge.  Once I get that up and running, it will be posted here, as well.  (Don't worry, I'll keep the original up so that your links won't be disfunctional, if you've tweeted it -- I'll just provide a redirect url on the bottom.)   I'll also be finally writing up a review of "American Idiot," which I saw last month.  (I know, way late!)
  • Interview pieces.  The Orange Hats, as well as a follow-up on theatre blogging by the week's end!  It's a -comin'! *crosses fingers*

Get excited, guys.  I'm back in productive mode!


  1. Jessica, I meant to ask you~ did you or anyone you know get to see 'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson' while it was on Broadway? D: The title and adverts were so sexy....

  2. Thesanica -- No, I didn't get to see it, unfortunately. But check out some archived responses to BBAJ, and a show called "Oops, Bloody Bloody, Oops" that made its own response to the musical, on The Orange Hats' site -- it opens up a very interesting conversation about how Natives were represented on the show, which I was unaware of beforehand. I think you'll find it interesting.


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