#LinkLove (5.17.11): The Totally "Up Front" and Just Plain Random Edition!



So, it's down to the wire on campus, with classes winding down and finals/papers to taken/typed.  STRESS CITY.  But aside from it being Hell Week, it also happens to be Upfronts Week, which is when all the networks preview new shows for advertisers (I just took a final for my TV Culture class, so I happen to be especially interested in this).  

A couple of new shows have been catching my eye, the first of which is New Girl from FOX, about a girl trying horribly to get over a breakup from her model ex-boyfriend.  Who's starring in it, you ask?  Why, Zooey Deschanel, that's who!  Only one of my favorite actresses, I've been following Mrs. Ben Gibbard since her indie darling days, so a whole show revolving around her? I AM SO THERE.

The second, which I will definitely be watching this year instead of Glee is NBC's answer to the hit FOX musical comedy: Smash, starring American Idol castoff Katherine McPhee.  Also starring Debra Messing and Broadway stars Christian Borle, Megan Hilty and Brian D'Arcy James (you can also see a bit of Annaleigh Ashford in the trailer -- blink and you'll miss it!), Smash could be, as producer-at-large Ken Davenport said: "[Broadway's] best bet at a new audience in years."

And speaking of Glee...
...the promo for next week's episode is up, and it seems like everything's coming up Jesse St. James (andnoneforfinngoodbye)!  Looks like Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)'s two leading men are going head to head -- or at least butting heads -- this week!  Ow, oww!

Meanwhile, back on the ranch in the theater world...
Bloggers Chris Caggiano, Dan Loehr, Jan SimpsonTerry Teachout and Scott Heller are featured on the American Theatre Wing's Working in the Theatre series.  They talk about online arts journalism and "how blogging is able to reach a more expansive and diverse audience than traditional journalism."  Check it out!
That's it for now, guys.  In the meantime, I'm gonna go continue these articles & set the world on fire this week (and you should, too)!