#LinkLove (7.23.11): The "Bloody Hell, Harry, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You" Edition

"Mamaaaa, just killed a man (called Voldemort)/Had a wand duel to the death/Said Aveda Kedavra, now he's dead!"
(via The Waffles Girls)

Haven't had enough of Harry, yet? For those who still aren't saying their goodbyes yet, here're a few interesting links...
  • Pottermore. J.K Rowling recently introduced a new interactive platform called Pottermore, which would serve as an online extension of the Potterverse.  The site doesn't go live 'til October, but you can go and register for the chance to enter early to set up an account!  
  • Search the #HarryPotter Tag on Tumblr. Not only will you be able to connect with other Potterheads, but you will also most likely see some very interesting fanmade graphics and the like as only Tumblr can provide.
  • Read Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown on Fanfiction.net.   According to this month's Time, this was the first known Harry Potter-based piece of fanfiction, posted on Fanfiction.net.  Since its publication on September 4th, 1999, the 4-chapter story has garnered 408 reviews.  Check it out!
  • Potter-themed Gadgets.  Ever wanted to save and re-live your memories, or wear an invisibility cloak like Harry?  While we certainly can't conjure these up by magic (or can we? Hmm...), they sure aren't too far off in the future!  The smarties at IBM has come up with a piece of software called the Pensieve, which allows people to recall and collect their memories, much like Dumbledore in the books.  Similarly, across the globe at the University of Tokyo -- and later, Keio University -- have built prototypes for an Invisibility Cloak that would reflect objects behind the person on the front of the "cloak."  Definitely going on my wishlist!
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.    The Universal Studios theme park is itself a perfect depiction of all things Potterverse, from Diagon Alley, to Hogwarts itself!  You can buy sweets at Honeyduke's and even drink butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks!  Even if you can't make your way down to Florida now (it may be too late in the season to do so), you can still make your own butterbeer while planning your trip!

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