Monday, August 29, 2011


There's a new production of Spring Awakening at the San Jose Repertory Theatre?!  Featuring Eryn Murman and choreography from Sonya Tayeh (one of my favorite choreographers on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance)?!  And no one bothered to tell me?!

Seriously, internet, you know better than to keep any and all Spring Awakening-related things from me.  I had to find out from tumblr, of all places.  TUMBLR!

Okay, got that out of my system.  

Apparently, according to Broadway World, the Tony Award-winner is to be directed by San Jose Rep's own artistic director Rick Lombardo and will also include Broadway stars Miguel Cervantes (American Idiot) as troubled Moritz Steifel and Todd Alan Johnston as the Adult Men.  The production will run from September 1st to September 25th.  For more information and a full list of the cast, click here

If someone could get me to San Jose (do you know the way to San Jose?  Ok, sorry, bad joke), please let me know, pronto.  I'd love to see how Sonya Tayeh reinterprets Duncan Sheik's score into her choreography, especially as she's known for being especially dark and edgy.  In an ideal world, however, I'd lovelovelove to see a Mia Michaels interpretation of Spring Awakening.  

That'd be orgasmic, indeed.  (See what I did there? Ok, stopping with the lame jokes now.)


  1. Most incredible version of Spring Awakening I have seen. What made it the best is the acting (these people are amazing actors) AND staging AND THE CHOREOGRAPHY! (This cast can dance also!)
    There are three great numbers up on youtube... BOL, Touch Me and TF.
    These were three of my favorites :) So wish they had MWBM, DDS and Whispering.

  2. Thanks! This production looks like it was a great show! The choreography is interesting...I wish I could see DDS/BW, since it's my favorite song in the show :(