♥ More Theatre News: Teen Dreams and Magazines (Or, well, Newspapers)

Okay, so that title didn't really work out, but I needed something that rhymed, damn't.  Ah, well.  Anyway, as most of you know by now, Nick Jonas has officially announced that he will succeed (oh, see what I did there?  Better than the title, yeah? No? Anyone?) Glee's Darren Criss on Broadway's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so here is my reaction, as such:

As evidenced by the photo above, my cousin and I have just a mere curiosity (juuuust a smidgen) in the brothers Jonas, particularly in that of the youngest.  I mean, after all, this is a normal reaction, right?  Were we wrong in saying that Nick the Jonas was the brightest star of the three, that we called it as soon as we saw him belt his lil' ol' heart out during "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" in the 25th Anniversary Concert?  Or shaking his hips as Link Larkin in the Hollywood Bowl's production of Hairspray this summer?*

No, I think not.  

Anyway.  As you can see, Project: JoBro is to be in effect following Darren Criss' run, which starts when the revival's original star, Daniel Radcliffe makes his departure January 3, 2012.  I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait to see three of my favorite guys give their interpretation of this role!  (I still haven't caught the show yet!  Sadface.)

In other items of interest, Playbill posted up a video of Alan Menken talking about the development of the Newsies musical, which also features Good Looking Guys Who Can Sing and Dance:

I'm especially excited about this musical because "Seize the Day" just so happens to be the song I sang at my 6th Grade graduation.  Ah, the memories!  My 6th grade teacher, Ms. Regan, had us watch the film, and needless to say: I was hooked.  I mean, not only was it a musical set in Pulitzer-era New York City, but it also featured a smashing young up-and-comer (who wasn't so bad-lookin', either), Christian Bale! What's not to love?!  

All in all, it looks like the Great White Way is gonna be lookin' hot off the press for a while, girls.

Yours in Swoon-Worthy Theatre Guys,

* I have this post at The Craptacular to thank for this particular link!