Guess who's back, back again...

Jess is back, tell a friend!

Yes, after almost a year's absence on the interwebs, I'm finally getting off my lazy arse and writing again!  Have ya missed me?!  I hope you did.

I bet you're wondering what I've been up to since, oh I don't know, October 2011, right?  Well, I pretty much spend the last few months or so turning 24, finishing off my senior year of college, getting A's and B's like a boss -- and well, graduating and stuff.  Y'know, the usual.  It's been quite a busy year, with a bit of travelling in-between, as well (for winter break this past January, I went back to my home country, the Philippines for a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle).  However, while it certainly hasn't been without its stresses, I did manage to see a few shows, one of which I have already reviewed below (more to come soon, I promise!).

Back in December, I rang in my 24th year by attending a reading of David Hentry Hwang's Yellow Face and Chinglish at the Drama Book Shop, where I also got to meet and chat a bit with the playwright himself!  (Not too shabby, eh?)  Apart from Snowball Battlefield in March, I was also able to catch a collection of skits by comedy troupe the machine collective called Public/Private: The Battle for Raoul Greenberg.  

I also caught a friend performing at this very cool thing called OUR BAR, a monthly gathering at Failte Bar in downtown NYC, wherein up-and-coming playwrights are encouraged to submit short scenes to be acted out in the bar! The catch is that the scene must take place within a bar setting, but beyond that, it's no holds barred (pun fully intended). They hold open casting calls for the scenes chosen, so aspiring actors looking to hone their chops can get in on the fun, too! The scenes shown the night I attended ranged from cutesy to hilarious to just-plain-ridiculous, and the vibe between the actors and audience was interesting. I'll hopefully be doing a full write-up about OUR BAR in the near future, so stay tuned here.

In recent months -- starting with later this past summer -- I caught up with up-and-coming theatre illustrator and fellow blogger, Ran, whom I met at the Public Theater's Tweet-up event last year.  In June, on Tonys day, we caught the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as the New York Theatre Workshop's production of Food & Fadwa.  Most recently (as recent as last Thursday, actually), we caught a workshop of what will hopefully be an Off-Broadway musical called FICTION IN PHOTOGRAPHS by former Million Dollar Quartet understudies Randy Redd (director) and Dan Mills (composer), at New World Stages.

Meanwhile, post-grad life has been all right. I've been catching up on sleep; reading; traveling and enjoying some quality family time. I'm looking into catching some more shows soon, so keep an eye out for more reviews to come!