#LinkLove: The "Spring-Bling-Blang-Bang-Into-Summer" Edition

Isla Fisher poses for GOTHAM Magazine.
(photo by Art Streiber)

  • Everyone's favorite online publication for teens, Rookie Mag (run by fashion plate Tavi Gevinson, in case you didn't already know) interviews Emma Watson about her role in Sofia Coppola's latest effort, the highly-anticipated The Bling Ring.  On auditioning for her character, which is based on Petty-Criminal-Turned-Reality-Star Alexis Neiers, she tells Rookie:  "I went out and bought hoop earrings and this crazy hat like the one Alexis wears when she goes to see her lawyer, and I put on tons of bronzer and a fake tan—I just went full-out, and had the best time doing it. ’Cause it’s really the first time I’ve had to play someone who’s a real character, someone just so different from me." (via ROOKIE)
  • Actress Kirsten Dunst interviews Bachelorette co-star Isla Fisher about her role as Tom Buchanan's mistress Myrtle Wilson in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.  After reading, you might want to take a look at the photo shoot slideshow, which features a gorgeous Fisher in exquisite gowns worthy of a 1920s starlet.
  • Did y'all catch the series finale (sob!) of Smash last night?!  The musical drama ended on a, well, high note (sorry, had to say it) with a double whammy of episodes titled, respectively, "The Nominations" and "The Tonys."  Watch and sing along here.
  • And speaking of the Tonys, here's where you can print out a ballot for this year's nominees.  Make your predictions, cast your votes, and then watch the ceremony on June 9th!  May the best stage diva win.
  • Last but not least, I give you: the cast of Once performing their Czech pre-show set at 54 Below.  I was lucky enough to see this show on my birthday, and believe me when I say that it is worth it just to see this talented ensemble play live.  Their energy and chemistry onstage is so palpable that you feel it all the way to the back of the theater!  (via Once the Musical)

Happy Memorial Day, lovelies!