♥ Falling in #LinkLove...& Other Apple-Scented, Cinnamon-Topped Baked Goodness

Photo by Crystal Rivera

Hey guys!

Happy Fall!  As the air becomes crisper with the changing of the seasons, so I come back once again to kick off another year of great theater, film and art!  A lot of things are changing around these parts, actually -- and I'm not just talking about the leaves, either.  For one, I've been juggling a teaching assistant gig with a new writing gig at Off Off Online, both of which I'm really excited about!

So what does this mean for The Resident Artist?  Well, it just means I'll be splitting myself three ways, but that's okay because this means you'll be seeing me making the rounds more often!  Who knows, maybe I'll end up being the awkward Asian girl sitting in the seat next to you.

...Or maybe not.

Until then, my lovelies, you'll just have to settle with reading my reviews and other rants here -- and now over at Off Off!  As excited as I've always been for Fall, I'm even more so now.

Some Links For You to Love 'Cause That's What I Always Seem to Do Here Nowadays, Anyway:
  • Let's start off with my reviews, the first of which Xoregos Performing Company's Danse Macabre, a tribute to the "Grand Guignol" style of horror theater.  The second covers Leslie Gauthier's 23 Year Old Myth, a musical play about a girl dealing with the trials of love and illness, all told through the plucking strings of a ukelele.  The third was Liselotte in May, a play by Hungarian playwright Zsolt Pozsgai and produced by an all-Hungarian troupe known as the Pilvax Players.  All shows were presented as part of Theater for the New City's Dream Up Festival 2013, the aim of which is to showcase new works by local, national and international theater artists in varying genres and mediums.  The festival ran from August 18th to September 8th.
  • Missed Danse Macabre and about to have a crying fit over it?  Don't worry, XPC are having more performances around NYC this October, with some new skits!  Here, the deets:
Saturday, October 19 at 3:00 PM - Jackson Heights Library, Queens  
Sunday, October 20 at 3:30 PMCentral Library, Queens 
Tuesday, October 22 at 5:30 PM - Muhlenberg Library, Manhattan (23 Street/7 Ave)  
Thursday, October 24 at 8:00 PMWebster House, Manhattan  (West 34 Street, by invitation only) 
Saturday, October 26 at 1:30 PM Flushing Library Theater, Queens (last stop on the 7) 
Sunday, October 27 at 7:00 PM Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx (165 & Grand Concourse)     
  • Also missed Second Stage's production of The Last Five Years?  Don't fret, dear reader, 'cause Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor are back as Cathy and Jamie in a special concert presentation at 54 Below that will run from October 16-19!  The concert series is in celebration of the production's cast recording album release, which will be available September 24.  You can read my review of this production here.
  • Time Out New York gives a preview of the must-see shows this fall, on Broadway and Off.  Check it out here.
  • A friend of mine recently posted this 4-part episode of The Song That Changed My Life featuring none other than Lea Salonga.  In response to the show's title, the Broadway performer and two-time Disney Princess chronicles her catapult to fame from the moment she auditioned for Miss Saigon with the Schonberg and Boublil hit, "On My Own" to actually getting to sing it as Eponine in their musical Les Miserables.  What results is some inspiring interviews -- and great performances, as well -- with Salonga as she looks back at her astounding career.
  • And speaking of Les Miz -- are you excited that it's coming back to Broadway in March?!  'Cause I am.

Hopefully this keeps you entertained while I'm off being awkward awesome.  Have a great day and jump into a huge pile of leaves for me!