Personal Updates, #WhatImWatching, Spring Awakening, Those Damn Brits & Other #LifeQuestions

I know, I know.  I am well aware that I haven't posted anything since December, but trust me: this past winter has definitely been a busy one!  Besides writing for OffOffOnline, I also started a stint writing a column called Versions for the New Musical's Green Room blog, which has meant less attention to my own blog (it has also meant basically no social life, BUT LET'S NOT GO THERE SHALL WE), and even less sleep (see above).  All this, combined with a complete inability to schedule things so that they all don't fall on the same week and an inexplicable need to watch The Chew in my PJs while pigging out on chips, has left me feeling like a zombie from The Walking Dead (but, you know...minus a scruffy, rough-and-tumble Andrew Lincoln by my side as he tries to shoot me down like post-apocalyptic sheriffs are wont to do).

Anyway.  All parenthetical asides, er...aside, I -- like Bruce Willis in every '90s action movie -- am back with a vengeance!!!!!, so never you fear O dear followers o' mine.  To help quell your pangs of loneliness in these depths of the virtual ether, here are some things I've been excited about (and hope you are too)!

#ReSMASHing. #WhatImWatching.
So, like everything in my life as of late, I've been slowly catching up on things -- particularly, pop culture things, one of which includes the now-defunct NBC primetime musical drama SMASH.  Like many other musical theatre fanatics when its first season premiered, I had taken to Twitter to snark about the various references and inaccuracies the show made...and secretly loved every minute of it.  When the second season rolled around, I didn't get to watch it as much, and so now I've been revisiting the show (or as I call it, #reSMASHing #WhatImWatching).  

I have to say, being able to watch each episode back-to-back is much less jarring and therefore all the more enjoyable, especially when a musical sequence came on.  My favorite of the first season has got to be this one, and ever since my recent binge, I've been replaying it over and over, dreaming of one day reenacting the great choreography:

I'm still at the third episode of the second season, so I may just tweet out my thoughts on it in the coming weeks (yay Spring Break!).  If you don't follow me on Twitter, now's your chance.

According to, they are supposedly making headway on finalizing production for this year.  I would probably be more enthused if not for the fact that it is still being helmed by McG (Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Terminator: Salvation, other things with colons in the title) and no cast has been announce as of yet.  

DanRad returns to Broadway...
Last night, Martin McDonagh's The Cripple of Inishmaan opened for its first preview, and it's gotten me all excited -- not just because McDonagh happens to be one of my favorite playwrights, but also because one of my favorite actors, Daniel Radcliffe is starring in it!  Ahhh.  BRB FANGIRLING OUT.

...And Baby Prince George finds a way to ruin my life.


Speaking of those damn Brits, Kerrigan-Lowdermilk did a bunch of concerts in London and it was AWESOME.
Whatever spurred my favorite composers to jet off to London, I don't know, but I'm glad they did.  It's refreshing to see completely different takes on some old favorites, like this rendition of "My Party Dress" by Julie Atherton that is COMPLETELY HILARIOUS:

This is perhaps one of the best performances of this song I've seen yet, rivaling only that of Jenni Barber's version (which I wrote about here).  Her performance throughout is so effortless, and I just love how erratic and energetic she made the character -- which, of course, is what makes it so funny.  I also love that, unlike many who've sung the song before her, she didn't opt to vocalize the "aria" bit towards the end, doing it in a more playful way instead.  So much fun.  

Another great performance is this version of "Freedom" by Lauren Samuels and Chloe Hart:

Something about Brits doing the dialogue here just somehow makes it sound...better, don't you think?  Or maybe that's just my anglomaniacal self talking?  Anyway, I love all the little cultural substitutions they put into the song, like "I'm on break" and "I want a kebab!"  Not something you'd notice if you weren't looking for it, but if you do, it just adds another dimension as a spectator and makes it enjoyable to watch, like knowing an inside joke.

I think anyone who's ever heard me fangirl over K-L songs would know how much I love "Run Away with Me."  I don't think I need to say much else here, except that Stuart Matthew Price definitely has a new fan in me; his voice is stunningly gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed this lil' post, and hopefully there'll be more to come.  I've got some things hatching up, which means I'll be updating this more often! (which means NO sleep at all but at this point who cares anyway?)  ;)