We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you a very important message!

On Nov. 24th, Dixon Place will present the workshop production and World Premiere of the play North by artist/playwright/co-director Ran Xia, inspired by the life and journeys of Lord Byron and Chris McCandless.

North juxtaposes the life stories of Lord Byron and Chris McCandless, a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp. The play follows the journey of the romantic and sometimes scandalous poet as he traversed Europe and wrote his famous Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, as well as the tramp’s hitchhiking trip to Alaska, in order to examine the similarities and differences between those two characters. Lord Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace and writer of Into the Wild, journalist Jon Krakauer converse across time and space as narrators of the stories of their unapparent heroes, and contemplate on the timeless nature of those tales of young people’s endeavour to discover themselves. The play aims to serve as an objective examination of the two characters and offer the audience a platform for discussion on the nature of individuality and its relationship with the society they live in. 

North features Adam Fontana (Civil War, Off Broadway) as Chris McCandless / Alexander Supertramp and Jake Lasser (Olé, Theater in Asylum) as Lord Byron. The versatile cast also include: Amy Handra, Eric Hedlund, Erika Vetter, Jack Utrata, Katie Willmorth, Lizi Myers, Matthew Acevedo, Robin Johnson and William Gywn.

The workshop production of North co-directed by Paul H. Bedard (Theater in Asylum) and Ran Xia will be its world premiere on stage.

 So come follow Lord Byron and Alex Supertramp on a poetic adventure!

Tickets for the show will be available here. The prices are: $12 in advance, $15 at the door and $10 for students/seniors. The show is most appropriate for people with an interest in poetry, history, the nature as well as liberalism.  You can also follow the play and its creative team on their official Facebook page here.

Dixon Place is located on 161A Chrystie Street. A non-for-profit organization, since its establishment, Dixon Place has presented various artists from a wide range of backgrounds. The production team and Dixon Place cordially invite audience members to come early as well as stay after the show and join cast members and the creators at the Dixon Place Lounge. All proceeds directly support Dixon Place’s artists and mission.