Movie Musicals, Four-Way Make-Outs, Ben Cumberbatch (Weirdly) Walking His Way Down the Aisle, and Other Thingy-Thangs

Hey, readers.  It's been a while.

Seems like I start out every post like this these days.  Anyway, been way too busy being awesome working like a hustla on da mean streetz being lazy to post anymore.  Sorry about that, folks.

But this can be a good thing too!  This means I haz more goodies to share with you when I do take the time to write to you good people.  Like, for instance, this video my soon-to-be-cousin-in-law (man, that's one big hyphenate, eh?) recently tagged me on good ol' FB (yes, I have Facebook; no, you cannot have it.  Except this one. Yay.) to this clip of the 25th Anniversary finale of Miss Saigon!  The pomp!  The ceremony!  The My-Jonathan-Pryce-Isn't-Aging-Very-Well-Is-He of it all!  It's everything a musical theatre lover could ever want and more, really -- especially if, like me, you grew up hearing the musical's entire score mainly because of the fact that Lea Salonga was in it and broke down that damn Tonys door for aspiring Asian-American performers everywhere (Mabuhay Pilipinas!).  And speaking of Queen Lea herself, how's about that weird four-way makeout between the new and old Kims and Chrises (Chris'? Christs?  I dunno.)?  That was weirdly amusing and yes I'll admit I would see the show if that was a thing that actually happened.  Wait,  Just me?  Ok.

Aaaaanyway.  If you've been not living under a rock following things carefully, you may remember mention by show creatives Cameron Macintosh, Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil that if the Les Mis film fared well back in 2012 -- which it did -- that a Miss Saigon film wouldn't be out of the question.  In fact, not too long ago, I believe they were already doing open calls for the potential film.  So, it's all a matter a time before we may see more weird makeout seshes another epic movie-musical comes out!

'Til then, we've got the highly-anticipated Into the Woods to, well, anticipate -- helmed by none other than Rob "Chicago" Marshall.  The film is slated for a Christmas Day release, perhaps in the hopes for eligibility come awards season.  If you're like me and just simply cannot wait, you'll at least hopefully have had these pretty covers Entertainment Weekly released a few weeks ago to tide you over 'til then.

 But the movie I'm anticipating most of all?  The Last Five Years!  So far, it seems no trailer has been released -- only this clip.  Still, the idea of Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick singing "The Next Ten Minutes" together has me hoping for very good things to come, indeed...

In other news...blip-blip-blip! You've probably heard all over the annoyingly informative interwebs that a certain Benedict Cumberbatch recently proposed to girlfriend Sophie Hunter, a fellow actress/theatre director, announcing their engagement in quite possibly the most annoyingly classy way possible.  Damn you, Cucumber Man, why ya gotta be so perfect like that?  The only thing that would make this whole thing even more perfect is if he walked down the aisle like this, Beyonce-style.

He did, after all, "put a ring on it."  (Sorry, I HAD to.) *insert a million winking emojis*