Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh, that Sweet Refrain, or: I'm Not a Playa, I Just Crush a Lot.

I've been thinking about repetitions a lot, lately.  In fact, so much so that when I read this post by fellow writer/blogger (and unabashed wielder of feminist badassery) Christina, I was all, "YES!  SOMEBODY ELSE WHO GETS IT!"

For those who were too lazy to click on that link above, here's a little TL;DR for you.  Basically, Christina wrote about something called an anaphora poem, which she defined as:

“...the repetition of a word or expression several times within a clause or within a paragraph”. In poetry the repetition of the phrase can be just at the beginning of each line, setting the tone as a meditation or a mantra, or it can be utilized more subtlety within the poem. The poem can be free verse or prose style.”

This whole anaphora-mantra thing struck me mainly because I'd recently been trying to write a poem around the word refrain, which can mean one of two things: a) a phrase or verse that is repeated regularly in poem or song, and b), to stop yourself from doing what you want to do.  Refrain.  In response to the actual post, I told Christina:

“..anaphora sounds a bit like a prompt I’ve been toying with lately: refrain. Been trying to connect the idea of something you hear repeated in a song that moves you, with the idea of something (or someONE) you keep coming back to."

...Yeahhhhhh.  It's that kind of prompt, that thing that you need to really sink into -- even though it's already found its way to sink under your skin.  And the other day, as reality did not live up to expectations (as it is often wont to do), I finally sunk down into the music of that repetition.  Having Karen O's Crush Songs filling my ears all the while certainly did help, too.

Here, the results of the last few days.  Not sure if I'm completely happy with it, and I know it'll go through even more changes than it already has, but for now, it'll do.

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