#SOUND | Christine & the Queens

Whilst perusing the myriad Marina & the Diamonds videos on my YouTube suggestions feed (as per "uge"), I came across Christine and the Queens, another quizzically-named solo artist whom Marina mentions as having loved in various interviews.  I'd actually already heard of Christine and the Queens (which exists in the tiny, gamine form that is Héloïse Letissier) for a long while now, always at the suggestion of some friend or other; so I curiously decided to finally look her up, only to instantly fall in love with her fresh take on pop, particularly the above song, "Tilted," the mega-hit single off her self-titled US debut (with the international release titled Chaleur Humaine), released in 2015.  

Armed with a background in Theatre (which she studied as a university student in her native France) and inspired by the work of drag queen musicians she encountered upon her arrival in London (hence her stage name), it is no wonder Letissier calls her particular brand of pop, as it were, "freakpop."  This, as it turns out, is quite complementary to the walking contradiction that is Letissier: boyish but feminine, minimalist yet bursting with emotion -- all embodied in quirky choreography set against steady beats.  It is refreshing to see more artists like Letissier's Christine and the Queens still challenging the boundaries and notions of what it means to be a pop star.  Who knew something so seemingly off-kilter could sound so good?

Give the song (and her album) a listen -- I dare you to get it out of your head!